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Thanks to Studio Photographer MARK GLUCKMAN for taking some publicity shots of two of
this year's Shorts prior to opening. Check back after opening to see shots of ALL of this year's Shorts!

2019 New Summer Shorts

June 14-23

42 Seconds by Kirt Shineman

42 seconds was the time it took for Travis Reinking to shoot four people in a Waffle House. Lenae, James, and his roommate, Bobbie, return to Waffle House to piece together, and try to make sense of, those 42 seconds.


Ashkenazi by Debra Gettleman

Rival DNA testing? Just see what these two Jewesses discover in their hilarious quest for diversity.


The Brock Battle Show by Joe Bardin

Father’s Day on this sports talk radio show turns into an exploration of masculinity and its discontents as an ex-football player tries to reach a more emotionally vulnerable state of being.


Don't Put Those Words in My Mouth! by Al Benneian

Any playwright can tell you that crafting a play can be grueling. But it can be especially grueling when the lead role insists on copping an attitude with his playwright. What a character!

The Lovers by Alan Austin

With so many millennial minds glued to small screens, how can they even notice an attraction to someone, much less fall in love? When a 17th century poem shakes a student out of his cell phone fog, he discovers he can suddenly see the world in a fresh light.  


Selection by Kirt Shineman

A ten-minute play selection committee for a theater meets to choose their final eight plays. Three friends - who think they know each other - select plays for their festival. As the selection proceeds, the process unveils each woman’s personal bias, which tests their friendships.


Shifts by Tim Ashby

A daughter returns from a talk with her estranged husband to find her father unable to sleep on the sofa. In the small hours of the night, the holidays sneaking up, things shift.


A Token of Appreciation by Les Leiter

Sam argues with his wife Betsy whether his act of dropping a cigar in the opened coffin of his old friend Manny was a desecration or a consecration.

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