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Welcome to our EarPlays Originals podcasts featuring new works by our Studio playwrights, designed especially for your listening entertainment.

There are several ways to listen to our podcasts: 1) To listen via our Libsyn host, click on the graphic icon to the left of each title.  2) Click on the green arrow in our podcast player below each title.  Or, 3) Perform a search for the podcast title in Apple iTunes or Amazon Music.

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MOMENTS BEFORE by Kirt Shineman

The vagaries and verities of fate etched in time and the heart.


Trevor Penzone as Daniel, Aiden Sandford as Owen, Karla Orellana as Rita, Mark Gluckman as The Doctor, Anne Sandford as The EMT and your Announcer, Judy Lebeau.

Director - Kirt Shineman

Technical Director/Recording Engineer - Donald T. Woodard

Production/Stage Manage - Julie Lee

Editor/Sound Designer - Michael Fleck

Podcast Specialist - Jason Isaak

Betwixt Small.jpg

BETWIXT by Tim Ashby

In the dark, in a stuck elevator, in a time of plague — a silver platter.

Art - Kent Welborn      Bobby - Heidi Haggerty Welborn

Director, Sound Design & Editing - Michael Fleck

Podcast Specialist - Jason Isaak