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Best Modern Comedies

with Kirt Shineman

Friday's 2 - 4 PM  8 classes 1/8 - 2/26 2021

We will study plays from text to performance and production and explore how comedy and humor work from a variety of perspectives.  We'll also explore the historical, cultural and theoretical dimensions of comedy in theater. 


We'll define and examine the basics of humor in plays by tracing its roots via a historical journey through plays, artists, and theorists.  The class focuses on plays' unique contribution  to the world of laughter to unify cultures  and society.

Studio Members: FREE                        General Public:  $125

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Fun With Fashion

with Marney Austin

Sunday's 2 - 3:30 PM  3 classes 2/7, 2/21, 2/28 2021

In this class we will talk about the various styles of costumes from the empire dresses of the 18th century to the 1980’s glitz and shoulder pads ala Dallas and Dynasty.   We'll also touch on the eras between, including the Civil War and the Victorian era, the Roaring 20s, glamorous 40s, the more severe 50s and the Hippie influence of the 60s and 70s.   


Finally we'll discuss the affects of war on silhouettes, fabrics, lengths, padding, necklines, etc., and we'll have a short bit on hairstyles and makeup.  (We'll also touch briefly on those “unmentionables” — corsets, crinolines and pantaloons.)

Studio Members:  FREE                        General Public:  $45

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