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STUDIO ON TOUR is a free, exciting new program that expands our mission to share the magic of theater with all who want to participate.  Rather than only inviting you into our home, we bring the magic to you and your group.  Our professional actors perform theater In your own venue: senior living facilities, social clubs, service clubs and more  In other words: We deliver!”

Browse our Takeout Menu below.  Select one entrée or several, 10-minute plays about life, art and being human, tasty moments to savor and ponder.  Mix and match for up to one full hour of live performance.*  AND after, you can discuss our plays with our actors. 


Just let us know when and where you’d like us to perform.  We’ll do our best to fill your order, and leave you hungry for more.

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Over lunch, two women discuss their love lives and ask each other for advice. Will they listen, and will they practice what they preach?

Directed by Judy Rollings

Featuring Shari Watts and Patti Moran


Two elderly friends reminisce about lovers, losses and gains, challenging each other to embrace truth, friendship and "now."

Directed by Susan Back

Featuring Judy Rollings and Judy Lebeau



At intermission in a theater, a couple discusses the play and whether they should leave or stay.  But are they talking about the production or their own relationship?

Directed by Pamela Fields

Featuring Aaron Seever and Rachel Weiss


Rose sees the world as it should be and not as it is. She opines about her snoring husband, cat boarding, medical marijuana, and her 31-year-old son moving back back home.

Staged by and Featuring Karen Burns.


Sweet Potatoes:  Two friends bitterly lament their deplorable restaurant service until truth reveals the origin of their despair.

Directed by Patti Saurez

Featuring Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith and Pamela Fields


Face it. The odds your next relationship won’t crash and burn are slim. So the next time you get involved, why not protect yourself with a relationship warranty?

Directed by Dolores D'Amore Goldsmith

Featuring George Cohen  and Roberta Rubin


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Just how far would you go to be considered  young, connected, and "with it"?

More soon!  Keep coming back!

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For more details or to book your personal clambake, please use the link below to complete our STUDIO ON TOUR Request Form to schedule your event:  


Directed by Janis Webb

Featuring Judith Eisenberg  and Al Benneian

NOTE:  All Studio On Tour programs are played during daylight hours.

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