Our next First Look presentation is December 14, 2020  7:00 PM

Magic, science, religion and politics eclipse family tradition when a mysterious Middle Eastern stranger shows up at a Jewish home on Passover eve. Is his appearance divine intervention or reality TV? Or is he simply the lost political refugee he claims to be? Join the Jacobs family as they discover that meanings can change and things are not always what they seem – and that’s actually a very good thing.


Marney Austin, Walt Pedano, Susan Sindelar

Anne Vogel, Linda Warren and Roy Wilson

To join our First Look program on December 14, simply click on the Zoom icon below.  And be sure to stick around afterwards to give important feedback to our cast and playwright!


Tim Ashby's delightful Covid-19-influenced romantic interlude, BETWIXT with Kent Welborn and Heidi Haggerty Welborn directed by Michael Fleck.

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