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The pastor of a mega church preaches a sermon questioning the existence of hell that he thinks will please his parishioners. Instead, his sermon shakes the foundations of his church’s beliefs, beginning a powerful clash between theological dogma and faith.  

Featuring the talents of Studio members Tom Koelbel, Alexandra Utpadel and Charles Sowder along with guest artists Jessica Fishell, Jacob Nichols and Andy Gorman.


Participating Producer: Kirt Shineman 

2019-20 “First Look” New Play Reading Series


We proudly present another season of new play readings, held at The Studio from 7-9 pm one Monday each month from October to May. An audience discussion with the playwright will follow each reading. All Studio members and their guests, and the general public, are encouraged to attend. It’s FREE and no reservations are necessary. Come and enjoy!

January 20, 7:00 pm – Andrea Markowitz's FAIR GAME 

(A Musical Satire Based on a True Story about Fake News)     


Lies ripped from the headlines come back to haunt five people who used the press to defame an innocent woman. The characters and their stories are real. The plot is fiction. A mysterious host invites former San Jose mystery mansion owners Mayme and John Brown, and three newspaper reporters to a costume party in a graveyard near the Browns’ allegedly haunted tourist destination, the mansion that had been the cherished home of the wealthy recluse, Sarah Winchester. The guests discover they are trapped there unless they succeed in using the riddles, Ouija board and stacks of newspapers left by their absent host to provide them with the key to their freedom.


Visit our FIRST LOOK page for a complete list of scripts to be read this season.

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