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Matt Rollings' "STAY" Featuring Alison Krauss, with Vince Gill

"What an inspirational piece! When you watch this, the union between Matt Rollings’ music with his collaborators and Michael Wilson’s black and white photography is an instance where you cannot separate technique from meaning. Those impactful pictures —the people, the expressions, the social content  grab on to all the delicate components of the music and text with such musicality and emotion. The absolutely beautiful piano and drumming are each so incredibly songful. The singing!  What a fantastic collaboration of artists."       — @noracrane2996

MATT ROLLINGS:  In Service of the Song

On stage playing piano, behind the board producing, or alongside an artist writing songs, Matt Rollings staunchly subscribes to a philosophy that powers all aspects of his creativity and has led him to become a multi-platinum, GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, pianist, and songwriter.

“My philosophy about music has three facets,” he affirms. “Mastery, innovation, and service. Mastery is the craft. It’s what I know how to do. Innovation involves the chances and risks I’m willing to take. Service is self-explanatory. Everything I do has to be in this spirit. If I’m producing or playing, I’m in service of the artist I’m working with. My job is to lift them up. If I’m an artist, my job is, ultimately, to be in service of the audience.”

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