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May 11, 2024  7:30 p.m.

The Studio celebrates all artists, not just our own members.  In fact, it's our reason for being.  Our purpose is to welcome artists, both veterans and new talent — to offer a place, a safe and challenging space, a caring family of like-minded artists, and all the support they need to create wonders.
"ENCORE! Matt Rollings and Friends" is our fourth benefit concert to help us continue this legacy.  It goes without saying that our gratitude to Matt and his wonderful friends is boundless.  But, we want to say more:
Matt Rolling and his Friends are amazing artists who have achieved their success every day of every week for years. They have followed a frequently hard road to serve their art, but they kept on.  In doing so, they enriched all of our lives. 
This is a celebration of the potential in all of us.

Feat. Allison Kraus with Vince Gill
Written, Arranged, Produced and Piano by Matt Rollings

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