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Our Technical Crew:

Director - Charles Sowder

Podcast Guru - Jason Isaak

Sound Engineer - Bruce Howden

Music/SFX/Audio Mixing/Dubbing/Editing - Michael Fleck

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THE MALTESE FALCON by Dashiell Hammett   (1941)

The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective was a radio series based loosely on the private detective character Sam Spade, created by writer Dashiell Hammett for The Maltese Falcon. The show ran for 13 episodes on ABC in 1946, for 157 episodes on CBS in 1946-1949, and finally for 51 episodes on NBC in 1949-1951. Before the series, Sam Spade had been played in radio adaptations of The Maltese Falcon by both Edward G. Robinson in a 1943 Lux Radio Theater production and by Humphrey Bogart (in a 1941 Academy Award Theater production, both on CBS. Dashiell Hammett's name was removed from the series in the late 1940s because he was being investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) for involvement with the Communist Party.

The Cast:

Sam Spade       Jason Isaak         

Brigid                Marney Austin

Cairo                 Al Benneian

Gutman            Michael Fleck

Wilmer              Mark Gluckman


FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY: Fibber Learns The Piano   (1941)

Fibber McGee and Molly was a 1935–1959 American radio comedy series. The situation comedy, a staple of the NBC Radio Network for the show's entire run and one of the most popular and enduring radio series of its time, ran as a stand-alone series from 1935 to 1956, and then continued as a short-form series as part of the weekend Monitor from 1957 to 1959. The title characters were created and portrayed by Jim and Marian Jordan, a real-life husband and wife team that had been working in radio since the 1920s.

The Cast:

Fibber                      Michael Fleck         

Molly                        Julie Lee

Salesperson            Alexis Reed

Old Timer                Don Woodard

Uppy                        Carol Gibson

Harlow                     Walt Pedano

Piano Teacher         Alexis Reed

Gildersleeve            Tom Koelbel

Percy                        Mark Gluckman

Charlie                      Al Benneian

*Piano                     Karen Burns


THE SHADOW: The Death Triangle by Walter B. Gibson  (1937)       

"The Death Triangle' is the twelfth episode of The Shadow,  Dec 12, 1937. The first episode was "The Death House Rescue" on Sept 9, 1937.  Orson Welles' last stint as The Shadow was in "The Caverns of Death" on Sept 11, 1938

The Cast:

Lamont Cranston      Tom Koelbel

Margot Lane               Susan Sindelar

Voice/Announcer       Walt Pedano

Doctor Evans               Jason Isaak

Pierre Martan             Al Benneian

Corvet                          Rick Davis

Dubrille                        David Heap

Maidservant                Judith Eisenberg

Prison Warden            Michael Fleck

Cab Driver                   Mark Gluckman


SUE 'EM by Nancy Bancroft Brosius  (1925)                                          

Sue 'Em was the very first play written for the radio and published in America. It was awarded First Prize in the WGBS Radio Drama Contest of 1925.

The Cast:

Prologue      Alan Austin

Announcer   Jason Isaak

Mrs. Dorn    Carol Gibson

Effie Dorn    Martha Welty

Mr. Dorn      Walt Pedano

Bill Dorn       Jake Nichols

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