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Yvonne Joyner

Yvonne Joyner

#23 Sunset, Acrylic

Yvonne has a degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University, where she was trained in oil painting, ceramics & photography. After graduating she worked as a professional potter and an art teacher before discovering a passion for watercolor over 30 years ago. 

Yvonne’s paintings have been shown in galleries in Scottsdale, AZ, Durango, CO and Sedona, AZ, where she has also been featured in one-woman shows and exhibitions.

She is a long time resident of Scottsdale Arizona where she has been teaching classes & workshops for over 15 years in various locations.

She is a member of the Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona, and a Silver Signature member of the Arizona Watercolor Association.

"My desire when I paint is to somehow capture the magical, elusive drama of light as it falls on the subject and delight in the freshness & surprises of watercolor."

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