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Our Sustaining Members

MARQUE Members - $1,000+

Alan and Sherry Benneian ~ Kathleen Butler ~ Betty N. Cope

Carol Downs Family Trust ~ Michael Patrick Fleck

Dennis Hoffman ~ In Memory of Lynn Knode ~ Judy Lebeau

John and Carol MacLeod Family Trust David Manch

Steven Mastroieni Patrick and Susan McGrader 

Candace and Jared McHatton Jeff Ostreicher Dan Peitzmeyer

Richard and Kimberly Powers Hardt Jerry Rightnour Judy Rollings

Kirt Shineman and Richard Gallagher Jack and Kaye Sipperley

Malcom and Marcia Straus Family Trust Patti and Peter Suarez

Kent and Heidi Haggerty Welborn ~ Sharon Zeddies  

Platinum Members - $1,000

George Cohen and Mandy Weaver ~ Cindi and Mike Deschane

Angela and Jeffrey Glosser ~ Ruth and Brooks Hilliard

Ellen and Phil Leavitt ~ Meredith and Richard Stark

Gold Members - $500

James Bowen and Jeanette Weeks ~ Myra Feldman and Jeff Roames

Robyn Hansen ~ Maureen and David Horwitz ~ Hillary and Harry Kaminsky

Sandy and Jack Labonte ~ Candace and Jared McHatton ~ Carol Sobel

Silver Members - $300

Laura Blume

Kathleen Brimacombe

Laura Burke
Peggy Sharp Chamberlain
Patricia Clow and Jerry Rightnour

Deidre Crosse
Sandy and Dale Dauten
Nancy and Clark DesSoye

Elizabeth and Stephen Dokken
Susan and Ken Felt

Eileen Friend
Gary Gilliam

Ginny Goll and Chuck Sowder

Gale and Nyles Gradus
Marilyn Griswold-Linde

Yolanda and Mike Haggerty

Denise Higgins

Diane Horne

Amy and Alan Isaacson

Linda Jones

Marcene and Douglas Jones
Deborah Jamieson and Scott DewaldCarol and Norman Janoff

Carol Kadet

Mary and Allen Kaplan

Christina Kearney

Robert Keiser

Elizabeth Knode

William Kram & Diane Shapiro
Jerry and Steven Kramer

Julie and Jack Linehan

Benjamin Little

Janet Lottman

Lori and Matt MacLeod

Kathleen MacLeod and Bob Ryan

Lauren and Mike Meyer
Molly and Mitch Mudick

Diane and Gordon Mueller
Judy and Don Newman
John Norris

Joanne Pamperin

Pamela and Stephen Pearson

Bronwyn and Walt Pedano

James Reece and Joe Zollo

Laura and Herb Roskind

Doctor Steve and Mary Serlin

Tia Stokes and Robert Zusman

Phyllis Stone

Phyllis and Peter Strupp

Ben Amnes Swartz and John Rothschild
Beth Ames Swartz and John Rothschild

Richard Verschoor

Deborah Waldenberger

Stuart Wecker and Janet Forgy

Karen Sue and Michael Wroughton

For information on becoming a Sustaining Member, please visit our MEMBERSHIP Page.

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