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White Structure

The Other Place

The Other Place
    January 12 - February 4, 2024 
    Juliana is fifty two years old and a brilliant drug-company scientist. She is giving a speech to a neurological convention. As she speaks we cut away to scenes with her doctor, phone calls from her estranged daughter, and arguments with her husband who may or may not be divorcing her. Through it all she constantly refers to "the other place", a cottage on Cape Cod that the family once owned, and a place where Juliana feels she may reunite with her missing daughter and find some peace of mind. Juliana becomes argumentative with everyone around her and appears increasingly confused. The phone calls from the missing daughter may be a delusion. Juliana believes that she has a brain tumor and says that her mother and other relatives all died of brain tumors at an early age.
    Eventually Juliana actually visits the other place and encounters the current owner whom she mistakenly believes to be her daughter. The woman is initially hostile and has problems of her own. But soon the two women find mutual comfort as Juliana's husband arrives to take her home. In a poignant closing monologue she finally confronts what is really going on.

by Sharr White


JULIANA, A sharply charismatic scientist in her early fifties. Juliana's obviously fierce intelligence is both her greatest asset and her largest burden, having helped her carve a niche in a deeply competitive field infiltrated by brilliant minds, and yet bringing her a deep impatience and a drive not always understood by those around her.

IAN, Juliana's husband, early fifties, an oncologist.

THE WOMAN, ln her late twenties to early thirties, The Woman portrays: Dr. Cindy Teller, a neurobiologist; Laurel, Juliana and lan's daughter; and a Woman.

THE MAN, ln his late thirties, The Man portrays Richard Sillner, and Bobby, a nurse.

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