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From the first moment  that human beings were able to communicate with each other, we've told our stories. Stories of the hunt, terrible winters, lush and fruitful summers.  Stories about our loves, fears, friends and foes.  As we became wiser and more complicated, so did our stories . . .

About 2500 years ago, our stories moved from our campfires and hearths and were shared with wider audiences in theaters. The ancient Greeks gave us intriguing dramas, biting comedies and bawdy farces. Their stories were as deep and as complicated as their culture and their everyday lives.  They were wildly successful because they were real stories about family, fellowship and — most especially —community.

Today, The Studio carries on that tried and true tradition.  Our circle of artists and our public community expect more from us than escapist entertainment or superficial diversions.  We all want the same thing.  

We believe that theater can be entertaining and relevant, captivating and compelling, all at the same time.

At The Studio, we don't do fluff.  Even our silliest comedies try to tell the truth.  Telling the truth about what it means to be human is the soul of theater.  It's both the essence and purpose of our best stories.  And, these stories are the glue that keeps us together, that makes community possible, that makes it real.

Please help us keep telling our stories.

Thank you.

To learn more, please go HERE.

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