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Who Are Matt Rollings & Friends?

When Covid was scaring the bejeezus out of all of us, Matt answered with this video.  That's Matt.  He called on his friends and pulled together a small orchestra to calm our nerves and lighten our days.

Matt Rollings is a Grammy winner, a consummate artist, a piano wonder and overall music maestro. He also has lots of very talented friends, musical geniuses in their own right. But, here's the crux of things: Matt and his friends believe in their art, and they support others who strive to perfect their art and share it with music lovers like you and me. 


What's more, Matt and his friends take pains to share their art in other ways. They teach others.

They explain in simple terms how they create their unique music, and why they do it.  And, often,

they support other arts through their own.


That's the definition of generosity — like creating this new benefit concert for The Studio:

MR & Friends.png

May 11, 2024  7:30 p.m.

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