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Sherry L. Kimmel

Sherry L. Kimmel

#6 Jewel of the Desert 7, Watercolor

Sherry L. Kimmel has lived in Arizona since 1978 and loves this beautiful state. She has been a member of The Arizona Watercolor Association since 2004, and has worked with the Board of Directors of AWA from 2004 to 2015, (including the position of Past President). Her art has been juried into competitions in the US, regionally and locally, as well shw has been honored with awards and my Signature Membership in AWA. 

Sherry and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the Southwest and many of her paintings depict the beauty of our desert home including Indian Ruins, Desert flowers, the Arizona Horned Toad, Bob White Quail of Northern Arizona, and Desert Poppies. She loves transparent watercolor because it allows the light to pass through, thus the interplay between light and shadows is intensely beautiful. Over the past several years she has been experimenting with Mixed-Media, Monoprinting and Collage. She loves to challenge herself to use a limited color palette (3-4 colors). "It is exciting to see in which directions my paintings and artwork will go."

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