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Myra Feldman

Myra Feldman | 626-676-0415

#1 Santorini Afternoon, Mixed Water Media - 18” x 18" 

#2 To Dream of Italy, Mixed Water Media - 18” x 18"

Myra Feldman started painting as a child in her hometown, Washington, DC. In those early years, her painting classes took her to the National Zoo painting various animals while watching their behavior.

Later, she was heavily influenced by her many teachers including Phillip Ratner and Gustav Trois. She graduated with a BS in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland. Through the years, she studied painting and drawing at The Maryland Institute of Art, Silvermine Guild of Art, and The George Washington University (GWU), and at many workshops around the country.

In her professional life as a medical illustrator, technical illustrator, and graphic designer, Myra honed the drawing skills that would carry her through her artistic life. Her accomplishments include illustrating a series of anatomy textbooks published by Little Brown and Company and Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. The books are sold to medical students across the country and translated copies are sold on the international market. The human form has always been of great interest to her and is reflected in much of her work. As a painter, she captures people doing ordinary things as they go through their day while watching for gesture, color, shadow, and form.

In the 1990s, Myra studied landscape design and completed a certificate program in woody plants at GWU. Years later, in 2009, while living in Pasadena, CA, she became a botanical docent at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Having an interest in plants led her to experiment in abstracting the organic patterns found in nature.

Gathering inspiration from living forms, plant and animal, Myra uses water media to express her personal marks in both realistic and non-representational ways. This includes experimenting with color and shape, diving in both realms. Gliding from one genre to another is an exciting prospect for her.

Since 2014, Myra has served on the boards and as a committee chair of the Arizona Watercolor Association and in 2015, Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona. With a lifelong interest in music, she served on the Valley Friends of Arizona Opera board. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her art

can be found across the US.

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