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Before there’s a set design, costumes, lights or actors on a stage, there must be a play to perform.  Nothing can happen before the playwright imagines a good story worth telling.   


It’s a deliberate peculiarity of our language that we call our story creators “playwrights” rather than “play-writers.”  You wouldn’t call a shipwright a shipbuilder.  A “shipwright” doesn’t build ships, she imagines them.  The playwright conceives her vessel from top to bottom, from hull to deck to mast, with every plank and sail, every nut and bolt in its place.  Then, she drafts a detailed plan and hands her dreamchild over to others to assemble, flesh out and make seaworthy.

That’s what our Studio playwrights do, and we are blessed to have many — adding new voices all of the time — experienced, creative artists who are very active members of our community.  It’s a distinction unique to The Studio for which we are deeply grateful. 

These are women and men with diverse areas of interest and life experiences.  They are thoughtful and innovative writers with richly comedic and dramatic points of view.  They challenge our perspectives and our skills, and give us fascinating human stories to share with you.

The Studio has been alive with such storytellers for 16 years.  Even Covid-19 hasn't stopped us!  Now, we need your help to keep the dream going.  Please consider a generous donation to help us close the books on the last two difficult years.  Help us write a new chapter and, then, just see what we can do!

Thank you.

To learn more, please go HERE.

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