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Spencer Wareing

Spencer Wareing is a high school senior who has fallen in love with all aspects of theatre; having performed across the valley, notably: Agnes Evans in SHE KILLS MONSTERS: YA Edition, Margot Frank at JET’s THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, Wadsworth in CLUE: ON STAGE, and Lucy in THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE.


Spencer welcomes each opportunity to see her scripts come to life, having won a Thespy Award for BOARDING FOR NEVERLAND, her one-act PLAY that deals with gender identity, loss, and loads of Peter Pan symbolism.  She directed her full-length production, FOREVERMORE, a three-act play about love that transcends time.  Spencer treasures all opportunities to perform in Arizona's theatres and prefers ‘Break a leg’ to ‘Good Luck’ any day!

Spencer Wareing

  • Actor, Director, Playwright

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