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Among all the arts, theatre is unique in that at its very core it is collaborative. Unlike authoring a book or painting a great masterpiece, a piece of theatre has not come from the mind of a single creator, but from a large group of people working toward a common goal.  


Each of the artists involved in this process contributes individually and uniquely to the final product.  Some contributions are obvious, some are more hidden but no less important to the creative whole.

At The Studio, each of these individual artists is an unstinting contributor, a valuable and valued member of our collaborative.  Often these members bring a variety of skills and perspectives, performing multiple roles in a given season, or even in a single production.  

These are the builders and shapers of the famous "fourth wall" of the theatre.  It only seems invisible.  It is actually richly painted with imagination and meaning.

The Studio has been home to these versatile artists for 16 years.  Now, we need your help to let them go on sharing their special gifts.  Please consider a generous donation to help us close the books on the last two difficult years.  Help us write a new chapter that is rich, exciting and rewarding for all.

Thank you.

To learn more, please go HERE.

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