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LAST JUNE, Matt's "COME HOME" concert with his family and friends played to a SRO crowd.  We actually had to turn people away.

So, this year, we've added a second,

Matinee event to help more of our loyal audiences and friends enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience!

AND — this year,  several, local professional artists have donated many beautiful works to help support our cause.

View Fine Art and Artists

We're offering 30 special tickets for our Evening Event, including 

our amazing musical concert plus

 our unique FINE ART LOTTERY!

As always, here at The Studio,

Home is where the ART is.

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Fine Art Lottery participants will have their names placed in a general pool and their names will be chosen at random.   Tickets available are limited  to  30 persons.  When a name is selected, that participant may choose  any piece of art that has not already been claimed.  This process will continue until all artworks have been claimed.

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