Another GREAT Reason to Support The Studio


Some truths are self evident.  But, sometimes, they may be so obvious, so universal, that we’re likely to accept them without a second thought.  Or worse, we forget about them entirely and go on about our day.

Here’s a truth worth remembering and celebrating:  There are no stories without storytellers.

For 15 years, Theatre Artists Studio has celebrated our storytellers — our authors, writers, playwrights, schemers and dreamers.  An important part of our mission has always been to encourage and nurture our member writers.  As a result, The Studio currently has 16 playwrights who regularly contribute their talents to our stage, streaming and podcast productions, and our annual new play festival, New Summer Shorts.

More than that, through our First Look program, we include you in the creative writing process with staged readings and audience talk-back discussions.  You can meet our playwrights and actually make a difference in how our stories evolve, helping our authors refine and polish their work.

Another self-evident truth:  We can’t continue to do this without you.  We need your support.  Won’t you please consider making a donation to help us support these gifted artists?  To help us continue to bring their captivating stories to you?

Please, support our wonderful storytellers.  Help us help them to write the next chapter.

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