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Another GREAT Reason to Support The Studio



Why do we go on about "stories?"

At Theatre Artists Studio, telling stories is who we are, why  we are and what  we're about.  Through the evocative magic of live theatre, our stories examine and reveal our humanity with awareness, understanding and compassion

Like you, The Studio has weathered the challenging narratives of the last 18 months.  And, like you, we couldn't have done it alone.  With your help, with the collaboration of an understanding landlord and a timely federal grant, we have come through the recent troubles, more excited and more determined than ever. 


Still, we have "miles to go before we sleep:" bills to pay, obligations to meet and new dreams to make real.  Please support The Studio, not only by returning to attend our new season's plays, but also with your renewed financial support.  Consider a gift of $100 or more.  Whatever you give will be golden and treasured.


"We are such stuff as dreams are made on . . ."   Let us tell you new tales to tease your thoughts and touch your hearts.  Let us show  you — our stories, your stories — the stories of us.

Let's write the next chapter, together!

Go here to experience more of our Studio stories:

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