by Sharyn Rothstein

April 1 - 24, 2022

Much like The Studio’s own Writers’ Circle in Phoenix, Ars Nova and the Writers’ Room at the Manhattan Theatre Club (MTC) foster and promote contemporary playwrights, introducing their work to theater audiences in New York.  Sharyn Rothstein’s play, BY THE WATER, received just this kind of crucial support and encouragement.

In this video, Sharyn Rothstein speaks about her play, BY THE WATER, and the importance of her writers’ community at Ars Nova ("New Art").  Her perspective reminds us that we need not venture out alone.  Even otherwise lonely artists have an effective support system, families of like-minded travelers, all more than willing to help each other discover a path to perfect their art and find an audience.

Whether it happens in Phoenix or in New York is not nearly as important as the fact that there are similar writers’ groups all across our country, bright and fierce and determined artists who collaborate with and learn from each other, who bring fresh ideas to audiences in their own communities and around the world. 

These writers know the worth of words.  There is nothing more persuasive, nothing that has more impact, than a good story told to a live, receptive audience.  This fact hasn’t changed for 2,500 years.  Since the plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides first exploded on the stages of ancient Greece, writers have changed minds, hearts and even cultures — because people around the world understand truth when they can see and hear it for themselves.


*Michael Fleck, a current member of The Studio’s Writers’ Circle, was also a beneficiary of The Manhattan Theatre Club programs.  In 1974, after his musical play,  A LITTLE BEGINNING, debuted at Saint Cloud University, a New York friend brought it to MTC for a series of workshop performances.

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