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Our 2022 Studio Marketing Report


Our Marketing Committee has been extremely busy this last calendar year.

We have always done our best to promote your work and commitment, our

full seasons of plays, and your individual projects. 

Just how do we inform and encourage both loyal and prospective audiences to join us in the opportunities we provide in our special brand of theater magic?

How might we compete with much larger, better-funded commercial interests? How do we break through the well-paid wall of paid “noise” that our potential theater-goers encounter every single day on social media, on the Internet?


Following the debilitating effects of the 2019-2021 Covid epidemic, this year, The Studio’s Marketing Committing made a conscious decision to implement a major email marketing strategy.  Print and broadcast advertising has always been prohibitively expensive.  Today, it’s out of our stratosphere. 

We felt that our only recourse was to seriously “amp up” our direct email campaigns and tie them to an increased social media and website presence. 

At the same time, we focused on improving the professional look and feel of our promotions and to make the fullest possible use of video messaging. 


A picture may “speak a thousand words” but, according to all industry measures and trends, video says more.

We want you, our members, to know what we’ve being doing behind the scenes to bolster your art and fill your theater with appreciative audiences.  You should know that you’re not ever performing in a vacuum, without dedicated support.  Here are a few facts:

  • As of December 5 this year, The Studio has sent out almost 192,000 emails

  • Our emails typically garner an “Open Rate” of 35-40%.  (The industry average is 23%).  Our FOCUS newsletter gets 76-82%.

  • Our CTR (‘click-through rate’) is twice the industry average

  • Our emails have been linked to 43 original videos

These facts* are the result of almost 3,000 hours of our commitment to helping you, our members.  We share these statistics to assure you that we sustain and nourish your dedication to the art of theater.  We have your backs.  We believe in our mission.  We honor your trust.  We believe in what we are all doing, together. 

Arguably, Art has long been society’s neglected child, and serious theater may be seen as the runt of the litter.  But, we all know better.  Nothing inspires more discussion and potential for change than theater.  For that reason alone, if for nothing else, this Studio exists and fights for your worth, affirmation and art. 

This is your 2022 Marketing Committee:  Carol MacLeod, Michael Fleck, Clark DesSoye, Rick Herman and Susan Back. Invaluable assistance was provided by Julie Lee,  Alexis Reed, our producers, directors and cast members.  (Stay tuned.  2023-24 is bringing new energy and expertise to The Studio — and our punch! )


*Statistics are based on Constant Contact, Facebook, Google and analytics, and Studio volunteer profiles.

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