2019-2020 "First Look" New Play Reading Series

Theatre Artists Studio proudly presents another season of new play readings. All “First Look” readings are held at the Studio from 7:00-9:00 pm one Monday each month from October through May. An audience discussion with the playwright will follow each reading.

All artistic and sustaining members and their guests, and the general public are encouraged to attend. It’s FREE and no reservations are necessary. Come and enjoy!

October 7, 7:00 pm – Richard Warren’s MADE IN AMERICA                                                          

Four former high school classmates work together at the local bird house factory. The class jock Dave relentlessly torments lonely and isolated Charlie until he snaps, forcing all to confront each other to discover themselves. A contemporary exploration of the insidious nature of bullying and its emotional price and potentially violent consequences.


November 25, 7:00 pm – Joe Bardin’s EXIT DUST                                                    

Introducing the new girlfriend to the family can be challenging, especially when they’re stuck in the past, and she’s from the future, in this comedy about connection, self-knowledge and physical immortality.


December 16, 7:00 pm – Alan Austin’s THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WILD WEST 

“The play is a fairy story about a magical island in the middle of the Arizona Sea. It’s a children’s Xmas play in the form of an English pantomime. After a great storm washes up the body of a young girl onto the island, the dwarves rescue her and take her to Dr. Klaus. After lots of adventures with the elves and the villagers where Morticia, the Wicked Witch, tries to thwart the inevitable, she is finally defeated by her twin sister Widow Von Mouse. Order is restored, memories are rekindled and families are reunited.” A fun way to celebrate Xmas.


January 20, 7:00 pm – Andrea Markowitz’s FAIR GAME                                                                 

Lies ripped from the headlines come back to haunt five people who used the press to defame an innocent woman. The characters and their stories are real. The plot is fiction. A mysterious host invites former San Jose mystery mansion owners Mayme and John Brown, and newspaper reporters Ruth Amet, Joe Custer and John G. Robinson to  a costume party in a graveyard near the Browns’ allegedly haunted tourist destination, the mansion that had been the cherished home of the wealthy recluse, Sarah Winchester. The guests discover they are trapped there unless they succeed in using the riddles, Ouija board and stacks of newspapers left by their absent host to provide them with the key to their freedom.


February 10, 7:00 pm – Les Leiter’s DEFECTIVE

The setting of Defective is Kirksville, Missouri, on December 11, 1941, the day Hitler declared war on the United States. All the action takes place in the home of Harry Laughlin, one of the leaders of the disgraced eugenics movement. He lives here in retirement with his wife Pansy.


March 16, 7:00 pm – Tim Ashby’s STRAWBERRIES AND SAND

Cast and crew find themselves just two week away from opening night on an unfinished set, working a script that grows larger and more complicated by the day – and not unlike the dysfunctional world outside, the stage offers only imagination as the way out.


April 6, 7:00 pm – Kirt Shineman’s PLUCK THE DAY                                                

Welcome to the prestigious world of Master Sommeliers. An impressive group of wine experts, who passed an exam with one of the lowest success rates in the world. Clarity wants to be part of the group. But when the Court of Master Sommeliers revokes their licenses because of a cheating scandal, Clarity’s dream is corked. She and her husband, Parker, lose their new apartment; Ke loses his visa, and Cy is demoted to a waiter. Clarity’s mother-in-law, Sandrine, jumps to the rescue and readies them for the re-exam. All the while Clarity searches for the cheater. A wine-tasting play about lies, loves, and sour-grapes.


May 4, 7:00 pm – Micki Shelton’s MARRIED, TAKEN, OR GAY

Rebecca’s dating a Muslim. Claudia’s seeing an artist. Andrea can’t find the right man. The only man on stage is the barista, and he has no lines. No matter. There’s plenty to see about men in this comedy’s rapid-fire dialogue, and it’s not all fluff and bellyaching. Some men can be pretty darn sweet.

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