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                                                                     We proudly present a new season of original play readings from our own Studio playwrights. All “First Look” readings start at 7 p.m. on Monday nights. Audience discussion with the playwright and cast follows each reading. “First Look” readings are free of charge and no reservations are necessary. Come and enjoy!

THE KISSING CURSE  by Kirt Shineman — January 10, 2022                    

The play is the factual story of the U.S. Government’s 1940 Chagas disease experiment in Austin, Texas, in which Dr. Packchanian purposefully infected Black mental patients with a deadly parasite.  As the head nurse of the Black ward, Nurse Elinor’s attempts to stop him set into motion the ire of a medical institution bound to keep her silent. This play reveals more about the pathology of racism than the pathology of parasites.


UNRETOUCHED  by Tim Ashby — February 21, 2022

Mary’s madhouse life is finally at home in the remains of a state mental hospital now a halfway house for indigent adults. To not be believed is to not exist, or to exist insanely, but try telling that to Mary’s mother, whose disbelief is at least in part culprit.

THIS ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE  by Micki Shelton — April 4, 2022 Inspired by Mary Oliver's poetry, Micki's newest work-in-progress focuses on two young women and the mom who knows she raised them both. Kellsi wants Sara to acknowledge and return her love. Sara finds herself in a real war she doesn’t understand. In the midst of the chaos, the poetry of Mary Oliver in its own good time shows the way home.

MERCY AND THE FIREFLY  by Amy Hartman — June 20, 2022                     A spirit in need ...  A troubled girl ...  A dangerous secret that binds three women, tares them apart and brings them to ...  A confluence of forgiveness. Oh, and there's a nun and a murder.