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Nov 21    "AN ACCIDENTAL MURDER?"  by Diana Grillo

is an adaptation of the playwright's published short story.  This character-driven play is a universal theme of women navigating through trauma, and the struggles of abuse, loss of self-esteem as they fight to maintain their dignity and exercise control over their lives. 

 Dec 12    CIRCLES  by Micki Shelton

High above the Mendocino Coast, five women have been invited to join Emily for her 50th birthday. As the women share their joys and fears, their motivations, and philosophies, they find that the bonds of friendship create their strongest, most resilient support.

Jan 16   PRIVATE FIRE  by Kirt Shineman

Hope and Tate built their dream home to start a family. But it is 2020, and the California hills in Sonoma County are dry and crisp and primed for fire. When Tate and Hope visit a private fire insurance company, Jim gives them the VIP treatment, shows off the hot new technology and argues for Tate and Hope to purchase his expensive private firefighting policy. Hope and Tate must choose to have a baby or use the baby fund to pay for the insurance. Private Fire is a sizzling story about the frigid world of insurance

Feb 06   TANK ZEROES OUT  by Clark DesSoye

Is it nature or nurture that defines us? And, once “defined” can you rewrite your own story? Tank has spent his life taking the easy ― and usually illegal ― route. But, when his family decides to cut him off, he has to learn how to take responsibility for his choices. Can he make the necessary investment in himself and take control of his destiny?

Mar 06   THE DIFFERENCE  by Joe Bardin

When a surgery is inconclusive and the surgeon is nowhere to be found, Will finds himself in a kind of surreal healthcare purgatory. The near-death experience leads to near-life revelations about marriage, masculinity, and the companionship of pain.

Apr 24   EMERALD WAVE  by Tim Ashby

At a yard sale in a gated community a few miles from the ocean in Huntington Beach, from the accumulation of decades, an unresolved conflict is pulled from a tangled pile in the form of a frayed wicker chair. Through the curtains of the sordid past, yet to be closed, stands the naked truth.

May 08   SLIPPING FROM GRAVITY  by Amy Hartman

Isolated from grief, her world disappearing, a woman puts her past to fire which takes her into a world without gravity.

Jun 12    REVOCABLE TRUST  by Richard Warren

A greeting card illustrator and her ex-baseball player husband struggle to maintain their eternal love as their materialistic daughter grasps for money, marriage and more. This quirky comedy pits violence against virtue,
deception against decency, and secrecy against sincerity. A heavenly tale of true commitment that will pluck the strings of your harp.

We proudly present a new season of original play readings from our Studio playwrights.  FIRST LOOK

readings start at 7 p.m. on Monday nights. Audience discussion with the playwright and cast follows each reading. All readings are free of charge and no reservations are necessary. 

— Come and enjoy!

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