The Studio was founded on a bedrock of community.  First, we are a community of local theater artists, professionals side by side with new talent, working together to live our art in spite of any obstacles in our way.  Then, we share our art through performance, classes and a free exchange of ideas with our Sustaining Members and other theater lovers who have discovered The Studio.  


We're a membership organization that attracts artists and audiences from throughout The Valley, from Tonopah to Apache Junction and all points in-between.  We're also a favorite venue for our winter visitors who can't wait to attend each new season.  This is our community.

This experiment, this Studio, has been alive with art and new ideas for 16 years.  Even Covid-19 hasn't stopped us!  Now, we need your help to keep the dream going.  Please consider a generous donation to help us close the books on the last two difficult years.  Help us write a new chapter and, then, just see what we can do!

Thank you.

To learn more, please go HERE.