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A refreshing interlude from The Studio . . .

by Micki Shelton

Directed by Dolores D'Amore Goldsmith


Laura Munoz Bottini, Roberta Rubin, Dolores D'Amore Goldsmith, Deborah Weissman Ostreicher, Pamela Sterling, Patti Moran

and Rachel Weiss as "The Narrator"

High above the Mendocino Coast, five women have been invited to join Emily for her 50th birthday. As the women share their joys and fears, motivations and philosophies overlap.  The bonds of friendship and sisterhood create their strongest, most resilient connections and hopes for change.  


Inevitably, lives start and stop, careen and stumble into each other, revealing paths that intertwine with old understandings and new possibilities.

Circles, like tides, ebb and flow, expand or contract.  It's up to us to give direction and purpose.

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