Directed by Anne Vogel

Mary’s tragedy has found a home at last in the remains of a state mental hospital, now an underfunded halfway house for indigent adults. Not to be believed is not to exist, but try telling that to Mary’s mother, whose enraging disbelief descends upon visiting hours like a deafening storm. Batten down the hatches and hold onto your seat! This original production by Studio playwright Tim Ashby passionately dramatizes the costs of surrender and the price of moving on. 



MARY - 22 , a resident of a halfway house for indigent adults, mentally ill or chemically dependent

OLIVIA - Mary’s mother, 50(ish), well-dressed

IANUCCI - a psychiatrist, (40ish or older)

EDDIE - an orderly at the halfway house

IRIS - another resident at the halfway house


*The parts of Savannah, Ives and Art have already been cast.


AUDITIONS will be held:

- SATURDAY JUNE 18 from 11:00am onward, and

- SUNDAY JUNE 19 from 6:00pm onward.


PLEASE email Annie Vogel or phone or text 480-781-8258 to schedule an audition time and date.


If you would like to audition but are unable to make it to either of the scheduled audition dates,

please contact Annie to arange another date/time that will work for you.



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