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AGNES:      I’m not sick!

DOCTOR:  But you’re troubled, aren’t you?

AGNES:     That’s because you keep reminding me.  If you                           go  away then I’ll forget.

DOCTOR:  And you’re unhappy.

AGNES:     Everybody’s unhappy!  You’re unhappy,

                      aren’t you?

DOCTOR:  Sometimes, yes.

AGNES:    Only you think you’re lucky because you didn’t have a mother who said things to you and did things that maybe weren’t always nice, but that’s what you think, because you don’t know that my mother was a wonderful person, and even if you did know that you wouldn’t believe it because you think she was bad, don’t you.  Answer me!

DOCTOR:  Yes, I think your mother was wrong sometimes.

AGNES:      But that was because of me, because I was                               bad,  not her!  I'm always bad.

DOCTOR:   Why?  What do you do?

AGNES:      I breathe!

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