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During Intermission, a couple dances the Jitterbug and discovers they may have An OLFJKJJJLJTY Issue, so they take The Rental Car to see The Good Doctor in Room 217, who says Call Me Vinnie! and prescribes A Life Assembled to beat the heat.


Nonsensical non-sequitur? No! It’s time for The Studio’s annual 10-minute play festival featuring new works written and directed by Studio members! Here's more info on this year’s selections!


A Life Assembled by Kirt Shineman

Director: Barbara Acker

Cast: Marcia Weinberg, Laura Munoz-Bottini


Hidden in a museum basement rests Louise Nevelson’s abstract expressionist art piece, Royal Tide V, and included in the sculpture, like a lost soul, resides Martha Jackson. When Louise visits her sculpture, she and Martha assemble their lives, and loves together. The stories embodied within Nevelson’s work help them build what was their life together.


An OLFJKJJJLJTY Issue by Debra Gettleman

Director: Richard Powers-Hardt

Cast: Judith Eisenberg, Rob Evans (guest artist)


Finding the perfect partner can be a challenge. Especially when you take into account garlic, kimchi and curry. 


Call Me Vinnie! by Kathleen Buckstaff

Director: Martha Welty

Cast: Susan Sindelar, Patti Davis Suarez


Anna, a sad and anxious doodler, attends a church committee meeting. During the closing meditation, Anna is visited by her allegedly long-deceased Great Grandmother. What follows is a story of redemption, faith, beauty and a good old-fashioned kick in the pants.


Intermission by Joe Bardin

Director: Patti Suarez

Cast: Kimberley Phelps and Jason Isaak


Should they stay or should they go? A middle-aged couple in a theater lobby struggle over whether or not to stay for the second act of a play, and their life together. 


Jitterbug by Micki Shelton

Director: Hilary Hirsch

Cast: Marcia Weinberg, Tatum Grell and David Machbitz (guest artists)


A life-long New Yorker reminisces about a time when things were different, when a Jewish girl and an Irish boy couldn't ... well, they just couldn't.


Room 217 by Tim Ashby

Director: Tim Ashby

Cast: Julie Lee, Patti Hurtado, Judith Eisenberg

Marvin Handler interviews Marianne Booker on a talk show with no audience in Room 217, located on Nurse Tarameyer's floor in a psychiatric hospital.


The Good Doctor by Les Leiter

Director: Donna DeCarl

Cast: Patti Hurtado and Kirt Shineman


Walter and Melanie, an older, unmarried couple, struggle to put aside their differences and honor the man who first brought them together three years before.


The Rental Car by Alan Austin

Director: Deborah Lee Hall

Cast: Jason Isaak and Julie Lee


After a flight delay, a married couple endeavor to get to their daughter’s wedding on time in a rental car. Unfortunately, the best laid driving plans often go wrong - particularly when the passengers learned to drive in different countries and do not care for each other’s driving habits.

Doesn't this sound like fun! New Summer Shorts runs Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm; June 14-24. Get YOUR Tickets Today!